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Operational excellence for sustainable agriculture

Agrofresh SL Spain is a fully integrated company, which supplies you with a wide range of fresh products: aromatic plants, fruits, and vegetables. The company directs its production both in winter and summer towards the markets of Europe. Our priority at Agrofresh is our customers, that is why we grow vegetables with higher quality standards throughout the year. For us the motivation of the worker is fundamental, that is why we are clear defenders of internal promotion, opportunities not only to improve their personal development but also their professional development. As we also have a great commitment to the use of natural resources, so that their use is totally sustainable and responsible.

Quality first

In Agro fresh, we want to keep growing, consolidate our actual position in the national market but also keep expanding in the international market. Always keeping in mind our clients and employees, betting for the continuous improvement of our processes, the innovation, and being faithful to our Brand.

We control all our products since the seed germinates at our own nursery, is cultivated in our land and it’s being managed at our production facilities following all the food safety standards. We have a complete control over our production, since the seed to the exportation of the product in our facilities.

From the garden to your table

In Agro fresh, we have a tough compromise with society and the environment, we are moved by the eagerness of surpassing our limits, to improve the quality of our products on a day-to-day basis. The respect, passion, and the dedication of our staff, are the facts that make possible the reaching of the best quality products to our customers. As well as our enthusiasm and service vocation, not only to our clients but to our suppliers and our nearest collaborators, make us want to surpass ourselves every day.

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